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Adobe Encore DVD

    • Hints and tips for those new to DVD authoring.
    • Principal features of Adobe Encore DVD.
    • Basic computer essentials in relation to video editing.
    • Opening Encore and its main features.
    • Common file types and when to use them.
    • Concepts of file size and storage requirements.
    • Good housekeeping on the PC.
    • Planning your project.
    • Importing assets (movie clips, graphics etc.).
    • Main and sub menus.
    • Buttons (links, routing, end actions).
    • Choosing a WORKSPACE
    • Hiding palettes for a less cluttered workspace
    • Encoding vs pre-encoding of clips.
    • Opening and saving a new Encore Project.
    • Menu templates.
    • Using Adobe Photoshop.
    • Using the toolkit.
    • Adding clips to timelines.
    • Linking clips to menu buttons.
    • Clip navigation.
    • Button routing.
    • Adding Chapter Points.
    • Previewing your project.
    • Menu overrides.
    • Creating final DVD.
    • What to do when things go wrong!


Click HERE
to download a more
comprehensive pdf version
of this course profile

You will require
Adobe Acrobat Reader
which can be dowloaded from
the link below if necessary

Get Acrobat Reader


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