Swanrose Video Training and Consultancy

Harness the power of video to demonstrate and promote your products and services

Swanrose has over 12 years experience in helping companies of all sizes to create an in-house video production facility.

In the first instance, we offer consultancy services to help you evaluate the use of video within your company, looking at ideas for promotion and demonstration of your products and services as well as assessing the costs and the labour implications.

We can then  help you with independent advice on equipment purchase and provide professional staff training. We can even work closely with you as you attempt your first projects. 

If you are already using video in your company but wish to expand and improve, then we can offer you advice and training to lift your work to a higher level and most probably enable you to work more cost-effectively.

We have been able to help many other businesses succeed in harnessing the power of video for improved company image and increased profitability. Make the decision today to find out how we can help your company.

Contact one of our consultants personally either by ringing 020 8347 9567 or by e-mail to consultancy@swanrose.co.uk

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