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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • I'm not keen on completing online forms. Can I apply to take a course simply by writing to you? Yes, you certainly can do that, although the online form is pretty straightforward to complete and doesn't require any online payment. However, if you prefer, simply e-mail us or write to us with your requirements. See the Contact tab above for address details.
  • I don't seem to fit into your fixed course profiles. I have a certain level of knowledge already and wouldn't wish to spend half of the day going over stuff I already know.
    This is why we offer 'customised courses'. In fact, any course can be customised to meet your specific needs spending more time on one topic and less on another. It is also possible to 'pick and mix', taking topics from different profiles to mix them into a course to suit your needs. Please do contact one of the tutors to discuss this. See the Contact tab above for address details.
  • What happens if I need to cancel my course at short notice? Please see our Terms and Conditions for this and other questions relating to the booking and paying arrangements. If this doesn't answer your concern then please contact us by e-mail. See the Contact tab above for contact details.

  • Do you provide an after sales service? Certainly. As well as providing you with a comprehensive course manual we also offer personal tutor support by e-mail for up to three months after the date of the course absolutely free!

  • Are your courses accredited? There is no formal accreditation although all students do receive a Certificate of Attendance. Our tutors are Master Members of the Institute of Videography and if exceptional aptitude is shown during the training, the student may be advised to submit work to the Institute for assessment as a qualified Master Member or Fellow of the Institute, which is highly valued within the industry.

  • Do you run evening or weekend classes? No - all classes are run during weekday business hours.


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