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KLA Film and Video Communication. Documentary and corporate video specialists www.klafilmvideo.co.uk

For top quality transfers of Standard 8, Super 8 and 16mm film to DVD or other formats visit www.filmtovideo.co.uk

David Brindley - freelance consultant and provider of online training courses for amateur users.
Also sales of digital video books and training DVDs david@mediaonlinetraining.com

Mike Willbourne - freelance video editor and tutor on the Swanrose 'Adobe After Effects' courses in London. Check out Mike's site at www.michaelwillbourne.co.uk

Sony Camcorders. Keep up with the latest developments

Pinnacle UK Support - download fixes and upgrades

Adobe Support Forums

Choose the right music for your next video production! Listen to samples and order online www.akmmusic.co.uk

Rycote Microphone Windshields for all makes of camcorder

Thinking of going pro? Join the Institute of Videography

Stream video from your web site. It's easy and inexpensive http://www.easyflv.net/go/affinc/pro.php?id=10004

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Online library of video clips. Upload your own favourites

High Definition video over the web. Check out the Windows HD Content Showcase

And if you want to see more High Definition video, visit the Apple Quicktime HD Gallery

For all the latest digital video news why not go along to see the DVDoctor

Everything you ever wanted to know about DVDs. This is the ultimate FAQ site http://www.dvddemystified.com/dvdfaq.html

Advice on Filming in Public Spaces from the UK Film Council

For high quality replacement camcorder batteries,digital camera batteries and chargers - Sony,Dell,Compaq,Toshiba and many more. http://www.camcorder-battery.org/


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